Dr. H.R. Brown and Dr. Gayle Brown have been traveling to various countries worldwide and extensively throughout the continent of Africa for over 30 years. They have started hundreds of churches, dug hundreds of wells and built orphanages, hospitals and homes. Through the love of their church congregation they have provided humanitarian aid to thousands of pastors and have fed & clothed tens of thousands of people in need over the past three decades.

Over the recent years they have been on multiple missionary trips to the Republic of Togo, in West Africa, where there is a large need for women’s health and medical awareness. They regularly bring medical supplies to the Togolese Hospital & the Orphanages they support. Not only do they provide prayer & council for their spiritual enrichment and emotional growth; they also seek to provide a platform where the daily issues concerning the local Togolese men, women & children can be brought to the forefront.

This is where they are requesting your assistance, to share your vast knowledge and expertise in Togo. Bread of Life is a 501(c)3 status not-for-profit organization.  As missionaries Apostle Randy & Pastor Gayle not only delivered humanitarian aid, but also spent many years living in both West and East Africa. It is through that love for Africa and the call of God upon their lives that has prompted them to donate such time and gifts to nations and people in need.

As you can imagine the needs of the orphaned and infirmed children are great. However, if their mothers are more health conscious, it will create more knowledgeable children and a healthier society. We give God high praises for the donations we receive, and are now able to bring to Togo. We provide all donated items free of charge, to be a blessing to the Togolese people.


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