Partnership responsibilities of Covenant Apostolic Network CAN:

    1. A bi-monthly report is to be sent to the Bread of Life home office in New York. This will give us an idea of how your ministry is doing and progressing so we may pray specifically for your success.
    2. Apostle Randy Brown has the freedom to visit any CAN ministry operation without notification in order to check on, assist and encourage that ministry.
    3. All CAN family partners are requested to do their best to attend two of the major programs hosted by Bread of Life annually; i.e.  Camp Meeting, Women’s Encounter, Men’s Conference.
    4. As you are committed to the CAN, each covenant partner is responsible to sow a $100 monthly seed (not your tithe) to the headquarters church, Bread of Life, Attn: CAN, 1345 Straight Path, Wyandanch, NY 11798
    5. During times of Consecrations or Ordinations, all CAN family partners should make their best effort to support and be available for these programs.
    6. All new and future CAN family partners are asked to provide a written testimonial of their time of conversion to Christ.
    7. CAN partners that already oversee different churches or multiple ministry operations, outside of their local assembly; those churches are not accountable to CAN, but to you as their overseer.
    8. CAN  will offer a once a year gathering, for the purpose of building relationships and empowering covenant family members.
    9. Please forward ALL contact information changes and updates to the CAN  headquarters church via email, post mail or phone call ASAP.